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News 02

11th March 2014

my drawing was featured in the book 1000 Dog Portraits by Robynne Raye and published by Rockport Publishers  :)

2nd March 2014

updated website and new works are up!

22nd June 2013

My typeface Sveden was features an official part of celebration Día del español in Cervantes Institute in Belgrade.

1st June 2013

GIFest in Subotica (SER) – my project Operagraph will be featured. Do come :D

17th Mar 2013

New and updated website is on!

16th Dec 2012

The Perfect Man is on! Today! in Belgrade and Novi Sad :)


FEMIX FEST- 21:50h (KC REX, Belgrade)
VIDEOMEDEJA – 18:20h (STUDIO M, Novi Sad)

Full project can be seen here

4th Apr 2012

Cyrrilic typeface exhibition

Exhibition of typefaces from Tipometar project @ Grafički kolektiv Gallery in core center of Belgrade. My work is also featured there :) and you have time to check it out until 14th of April.

12th July 2012

Cetinje:: typographic journey

Today I was one of the commission members for MA thesis at Montenegro’s Faculty of Fine Arts at Cetinje (Fakultet likovnih umetnosti na Cetinju). The candidate, graphic designer and typographer Adela Zejnilović, under the awake eyes of mentors Olivera Stojadinović and Ana Matić did a detailed analysis of Montenegrin historic scripts and reconstruction and digitalization of three typefaces: Njegoš, Oktoih and Serdar. Excellent work!

Here are the snapshots from the gallery and thesis presentation and exam.



27th Jul 2012

Resonate @ Belef

For the last two days ( 26th and 27th of July) I participated in a  workshop held by Andreas Gysin. It was a part of Resonate @ Belef festival that took place in the new and lovely Gallery 12 HUB.

The theme was of the workshop was “Abyss” with the idea to create black and white animated sea creatures by using processing. Earlier this evening was the showing of our under the sea work and here are some of my snapshots. It was really fun and useful but also hard work Swiss style :).

26th Oct 2011

In a Land Far Far Away: Hiiibrand tour


Dates: 2011.09.15 – 2011.09.25
Venue: Higher Vocational College of Nanjing Art Institute
No.15 North Huju Road
Nanjing, China


Dates: 2011.10.25 – 2011.11.15
Venue: Zhejiang Gongshang University Art Design College
No. 18 School Center Street
Hangzhou, China

Organizer: New Graphic Magazine


Dates: 2011.12.22 – 2011.12.25
Venue: Fujian Art Gallery (No.96 Hutou Street, Fuzhou, China)
* This exhibition is the part of CREATIVE WEEK FUZHOU.

Dates: 2011.12.23 – 2011.12.28
Venue: Mustang Art Gallery (No.158 Kunming Road, Urumqi, China)

Organizer: New Graphic Magazine, Advertising Association of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
Urumqi Advertising Bookstore,, LinsenDesign
Co-organizer:, Monsoon, Mustang Art Gallery, Focus Media in Xinjiang

9th Oct 2011

Знаковито ДВА and ТРИ

My works have been featured in the books Znakovito DVA and TRI ( Significity 2 and 3) by Radomir Vukovic. This two volume edition marks 50 year of graphic communications in Serbia (1960-2010).

Here are some of the snapshots



6th Oct 2011

In a land far, far away

as a part of a huge global quest for best logo designs, that can be seen, my work “Petrovic and Glogonjac Law firm” will be featured in a exhibition across China from October until December. If you’re way across the globe, please do visit and please send me some photos :)


13th Sep 2011

Exhibiton in the Belgrade Museum of Applied Arts

My works became a part of the Museum of Applied Arts Collection as well as featured in the books Знаковито ДВА and Знаковито ТРИ (Significity 2&3) that feature 50 years of Graphic Communication in Serbia 1960-2010. The whole project was created and produced by the renowned designer and publisher Radomir Vukovic.

The exhibition is open until 24th of September and the curator guidance will be this Saturday, 17th of September so … welcome :)


9th Jul 2011

Featured :)

Straight from the news stand- 1st ever issue of NewArt, Serbian edition





16 May 2011

Featured :)

Cool people from Zeixs, one of the most prominent German publishing houses, featured my work again! This time on their blog as seen here. Thanks, guys!



18 Feb 2011

Students :)

In the last couple of years I’ve been engaged with a great project organized by SIEPA (Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency).

It’s packaging design competition where students are invited to create new packaging solutions and identities for a variety of Serbian export products and companies.

This year my students did great and I’m really proud of all of them, regardless of the awards :). By the way, this year we got 4 of those….

Take a look here.

22 Sep 2010

Selected & Featured

“Hello Jelena,

Congratulations! One of your projects was just featured on and will appear on its front page. We developed our network of category-specific Served sites to further showcase the best projects on the Behance Network, offering your work even more exposure.

Our editorial team features only a small number of projects every day. With many thousands to choose from, we look for work that promotes new thinking in its industry.



And a little bit earlier:

and way back:


8th April 2010

Design and Advertising Conference in Moscow




In April 2010 I was a member of the international jury Identity: Best of the Best 2010 . I attended the Design and Advertising Conference in Moscow and gave a lecture on the topic Glocal Design: Newly Polished Heritage. Here are some of the snapshots by Olga Pourtova.

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