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Gorenje (2005) proposal for Slovenian household appliances company, competition finalist, Velenje, Slovenia. Published: The Secret Life of Logos (USA) || magazine Taboo, no 23 || Design Elements: A Graphic Style Manual (USA) ||

logo01 logo01a

Multipano (2004) pano means board, display so several displays form the letter m. Published: The Secret Life of Logos (USA) || Design Elements: A Graphic Style Manual (USA) || Znakovito TRI (Serbia) || Initials & Crests, Logolounge Master series (USA)


Personal Signum (2002) foot instead of the letter j is associated with dance, game (design is a sort of game), movement and in heraldry stands for streight. Published: magazine Identity, no 15 (Russia) || magazine Identity, no 10 (Russia) || The Secret Life of Logos (USA) || Znakovito TRI (Serbia) || Worldwide Identity: Inspiring Design from Forty Countries (USA)

logo03 logo03a logo03c

New Leaders Conference (2006) 2nd prize at the visual identity pitch organized by Faculty of Applied Arts and AISEC Serbia

logo06 logo06a

Vinsito (2008),  fertilizer trade mark. 3rd prize for the identity at the open call competition organized by BV komerc, Novi Sad with Miloš Drobac as co-author

logo07 logo07b

Continuus Chair (2009) logotype for a designer chair


Ognjen Topalović (2008-2009) identity for a photographer. Published: magazine Identity, no 15 (Russia)

ognjen01 ognjen02


Veliko ratno ostrvo (2007) identity for Veliko ratno ostrvo – Belgrade’s nature resort that is going to open for public. Since it’s a project for commercialization of forest resort- a barcode is made out of trees

vro01 vro03


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